2015-06-17 - Steve Judd

Here is the link to a new Podcast I did recently, enjoy ;-)

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Astrology as the 21st Century Lingua Franca for the emerging consciousness revolution


A free download of a talk by Steve to Glastonbury PLG on 13th November 2013.


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Download Part Two



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About Steve

to the world with consulting rooms in Bath, UK. I work on character analysis, past explanation, present expansion and future exploration.

For the record… I’m Steve Judd, an astrologer with 30 years experience bringing astrology

Here is a playback link for a radio gig I did on 28th December 2014.


Steve's appearance on Soul Garden TV, discussing Chiron in late April 2013 here.


For a perfect example of how to use a Gemini Moon to its best capacity- go here.

For a proper down-to-earth British way of dealing with all the corporate crooks in this world go here.

For those who are genuinely in search of true spiritual enlightenment, who seek for the ultimate answer and who quest for pure knowledge http://chi-ting.blogspot.com.

http://www.deepandmeaningless.net/- Interviews with Steve from Dec 2012: Astrology, Predictions and Crop Circles.




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